Balancing Military and Athletic Duties

Dedication and determination are two qualities athletes must have, but they are also trademarks of individuals in the military. Courtney Clausi, a senior shortstop and outfielder, embodies these qualities with her duties on and off the field. Courtney has contributed significantly to her team this year: 25 hits, 14 RBIs, and 3 home runs. Off the field, she is part of the Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership (VWIL) program. She was a Drill Team Commander in 2010-11 and attended Cadet Field Training at West Point. “Being an Army ROTC cadet has taught me a great deal about leadership and teamwork,” she says. “Those qualities have carried on into other aspects of my life including VWIL and softball. (…) Soon I will be in charge of not only flying helicopters but making sure that my soldiers are taken care of. I cannot wait to joining the elite group of people that are a part of the United States Army and pass on to others what I have learned in ROTC.”

Courtney will graduate with a degree in Political Science and commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Army as an Aviation Major.