MBC Hall of Fame Nominations

Mary Baldwin Athletics is searching for nominees for the 2013 induction ceremony. A Selection committee of Alumnae Office Staff and Athletic Advisory Board Members will choose no more than five new members from the nominations each year. Deadline to nominate is Oct 15th. Make a nomination online or mail/email your nominations to Sharon Spalding, Director of Athletics and Wellness sspalding@mbc.edu.

The athletic department knows that there are plenty of great former student athletes, coaches, and administrators. We cannot choose them if they are not nominated. Thank you for your assistance.

Criteria for Selection
The Mary Baldwin Wall of Fame will recognize superior athletic achievement, leadership, and team contributions evidenced by some or all of the following

  • Post season honors such as All-American, All State, All conference, etc
  • Holding the position of Team Captain
  • Record setting performances
  • Winning individual/team championships
  • Achievement in the field of athletics after leaving Mary Baldwin College
  • Support for Women and Girls Sports after leaving Mary Baldwin College

Nominees will

  • Have been a full time student at Mary Baldwin College for at least two years
  • Have been a letter-winner in a varsity sport that competed against other colleges on a formal basis
  • Competed as an individual in a sport while attending Mary Baldwin College that the college does not offer.
  • At least ten years shall have elapsed since graduation or Mary Baldwin attendance before the individual is considered for an award